Affiliate Marketing is growing 10.1% per year in the United States. The value of approved marketing global industry in 2018 was more than 12 billion and this number has never decreased in the last few years. The current affiliate market industry has already crossed 16 billion and its popularity has not diminished yet. All the big e-commerce
companies have realized the importance of affiliate marketing and that is why they offer their business with affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing. Make money online complete solution.

Affiliate Marketing

What is the Affiliate Marketing?

When you earn commissions by selling a product through a promotion link from a marketplace it is called affiliate-marketing. The Affiliate promote the affiliate link to their blog site, social media, forum, and more and when anyone buys a product through this link then Affiliater gets a commission.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The whole Affiliate Marketing process occurs in three main activities. Below I will explain to you the three main processes of the Affiliate Marketing program.

1. Seller Or Advertiser.

Advertisers are those who create or are owners of products in the affiliate marketplace. The advertiser can be an individual person or a company or a large e-commerce site like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Advertisers make a profit from their product when affiliate sells their product to customers. A seller is an e-commerce merchant who sells their product affiliate marketplace through the publisher.

2. Affiliate Person or publisher.

The Affiliate who willing to earn money from a commission by product sell. the Affiliate Person who markets the seller’s product in a different way by appealing to potential consumers. In Affiliate Marketing these parties is the main subject of the whole process. You can earn money in the affiliate marketing process by selling your own product. although this is not called Affiliate Marketing it’s possible to earn money using this method.

3. Customer or Consumer.

It is impossible to imagine an affiliate marketer without a customer. The main focus of affiliate marketing is to make their products available to potential buyers or Consumers. Everything in the affiliate market is determined by the customer’s preferences and needs. When a customer buys a product through your affiliate link, the affiliate and the seller share their profit.

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How Get Paid from Affiliate Market?

1. Pay per sale (PPS).
PPS is paid to the affiliate based on the number of direct sales by an ad. You can sell products by PPC marketing on Google, Bing, social media, etc.

2. Pay per lead (PPL).
Pay per lead is when someone signs up with an email and buys the product from your affiliate link then one lead is complete for you.

Why do you choose Affiliate Marketing?

In freelancing, you can earn money faster in affiliate marketing. You do not have to work very hard for this. But you need to have good knowledge of marketing. The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can do it alongside your main profession. The demand for affiliate marketplaces is increasing every year and you can easily make money from there. You can get a lot of sources to learn free affiliate marketing available in youtube video and website blog articles. You will find lot of resources to learn free affiliate marketing, including YouTube videos and website blog articles.

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How do you start affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing is not rocket science. Currently, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. But you need to know how it actually works and what is the most effective way to become a successful affiliate marketer. Most affiliate marketers fail to make money online due to a lack of proper strategy. Here I have mentioned the best ways
to start making money from affiliate marketing.

1. Blogging.

Blogging or Article writing is an effective way for affiliate marketing. You need a website where you can write an article or review your affiliate product. then you publish this article with an affiliate link on your website and share with forum site, social media, google, etc. If you do strong SEO on your website you will get huge traffic and get huge sales from an affiliate link on your website.

2. Email marketing

You can get huge leads from Email marketing and generate huge sales. at first, you have to collect your potential customer valid email address from google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Then you need a professional email marketing platform service provider from where you can send professional emails. you need to the webmail for professional
Email marketing Otherwise you will not get the expected results here.

3. Social Media Marketing or Influencers.

If you are Influencers on social media or an expert in social media marketing, this is the best way to make money online from affiliate marketing. A Social Media Influencers or star can make huge money from using her popularity. then you can free promote your affiliate product using your popularity and earn money from affiliate marketing.

You should also consider the following most important things before starting authorized marketing.

1. You’ll have the ability to choose the right products for your customer.
2. You have the ability to choose the right niche or keyword for your products.
3. you have to find your competitor in the affiliate market.
4. You have to have proper knowledge of all information to your targeted customer.
5. You have to focus on current trending products in the affiliate market.